Efficient rail solutions for your needs

Welcome to Rail Route Europe's ZEPHIR LOKOM Series diesel locotractors page.

We present versatile rail solutions designed to meet your specific shunting and traction requirements.

Let us guide you through the features and benefits of our rail-rail diesel locomotives.

LOKOM 6.110D

  • Towing force: up to 40 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 800 tonnes
  • Rail only

LOKOM 10.170D

  • Towing force: up to 50 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 1000 tonnes
  • Rail only

LOKOM 13.220D

  • Towing force: up to 65 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 1300 tonnes
  • Rail only


Diesel rail-rail locotractors for optimised rail operations

LOKOM locotractors are light vehicles designed exclusively for rail use. Thanks to their steel-wheel drive system, they are capable of carrying out standard track work.


An affordable alternative to diesel hydraulic locomotives

These vehicles offer an affordable alternative to hydraulic diesel locomotives weighing up to 24 tonnes in industrial installations. Their intelligent design and specialised traction technology make them suitable for a variety of shunting and towing tasks.


Diesel rail locotractors: options and accessories for maximum adaptability

We offer a range of accessories to customise these locotractors to your specific needs:

  • Radio remote control, interlocking, safety remote control for the ground operator
  • Possibility of different track gauges
  • Air conditioning inside the cab
  • Wide choice of hooks, couplers and towing bars
  • Pneumatic braking system
  • On-track short-circuit system and remote proximity sensors
  • Integrated video camera system for Rail operations and towing
  • "Arctic pack" protection pack for cold environments
  • High temperature pack
  • Multi-unit configuration
  • Latest generation of engines
  • Automatic engine start & stop function
  • Right-hand driver's seat
  • Customised paintwork and decals
  • Extended warranty
  • Other options available On request

At Rail Route Europe, we pride ourselves on offering efficient rail traction solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Discover our ZEPHIR LOKOM diesel locotractors and contact us to find out more about how they can improve your shunting and towing operations.