Advantages of Diesel Rail-Road Locotractors over Rail-Rail Models

The Rail-Route Europe website is proud to present its range of LOK diesel rail-road locotractors, designed to offer a versatile and efficient shunting solution.

With 7 different models capable of towing loads ranging from 1400 tonnes to 5600 tonnes, these loco-tractors combine diesel power with ingenious design to ensure smooth, fast movements.

Find out how these innovative vehicles differ from rail-rail locotractors, and the advantages they bring in a variety of situations.

The LOKOM range offers a dedicated rail alternative to small shunting locomotives weighing up to 24 tonnes. This range has steel wheels like traditional locomotives.

Zephir locotractors are fully customisable, offering a host of options such as remote controls, automatic couplers, data loggers and various safety features. With more than 3000 vehicles produced, over 90% of which are still in operation worldwide, Zephir has a proven track record in a variety of logistical and industrial environments and applications.

Join the revolution in rail-road travel with Rail-Route Europe and LOK locotractors.

* For larger capacity LOKOM LINE, please contact RRE for availability.