Performance and versatility at the heart of the LOK range

Welcome to the page dedicated to Rail Route Europe's ZEPHIR LOK LINE Series diesel road-rail locotractors.

Are you looking for high-performance, versatile diesel locomotives? Look no further, because our Zephir LOK range is designed to meet your rail and road shunting needs.

Let us take a closer look at these innovative vehicles, which offer an efficient alternative to traditional locomotives.

LOK 6.110D

  • Towing force: up to 70 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 1.400 tonnes
  • Rail Road

LOK 10.170D

  • Towing force: up to 100 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 2.000 tonnes
  • Rail Road

LOK 13.220D

  • Towing force: up to 130 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 2.600 tonnes
  • Rail Road

LOK 16.300D

  • Towing force: up to 160 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 3.200 tonnes
  • Rail Road

LOK 20.300D

  • Towing force: up to 200 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 4.000 tonnes
  • Rail Road

LOK 22.520D

  • Towing force: up to 230 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 4.600 tonnes
  • Rail Road

LOK 30.520D

  • Towing force: up to 280 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 5.600 tonnes
  • Rail Road


Performance and versatility of ZEPHIR LOK Series diesel rail road locotractors

Our LOK models are diesel rail road shunters with hydraulic traction.

With 7 different models to choose from, they can replace conventional locomotives in a variety of applications.

These LOK locotractors can switch quickly from rail to road and move efficiently within facilities. Their intelligent design enables them to perform shunting operations with great agility.


Flexibility for shunting operations

LOK models can be fitted with automatic couplers and remote controls, making them even faster and more cost-effective for wagon movements.

The Zephir LOK Diesel Shunt vehicle is a powerful option for replacing traditional shunting locomotives. Its ability to operate on both road and rail, and to switch quickly between the two, makes it an extremely flexible choice for shunting operations.


Diesel rail-road locotractors - a range to suit your needs

Our LOK range offers a variety of models and options to optimise them for almost any shunting task. Tier 4(f)/Stage V compliant engines are available, ensuring an environmentally friendly option.


A versatile solution for your shunting needs

These LOK locotractors are currently used in a variety of applications in France, including wagon placement, locomotive shunting and even replacing progression systems.

Look no further than the ZEPHIR LOK LINE range for exceptional performance, versatility and efficiency in your rail and road shunting operations.


Contact Rail Route Europe today to find out more about these innovative and environmentally-friendly diesel shunters.