Benefits of LOK Electro electric rail-road locotractors

The LOK Electro range of electric rail-road locotractors offers a variety of models capable of pulling trains weighing from 360 to 4,400 tonnes. With exceptional manoeuvrability, these locotractors can be used both on-rail and off-rail, facilitating inter-terminal movements and travel in various areas.

Compared with conventional locotractors, electric locotractors offer a host of advantages, making them the preferred choice in terms of efficiency, environmental impact and long-term costs.

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The CRAB range offers revolutionary vehicles designed for indoor use, with the emphasis on versatility and reduced operating costs.

All vehicles are built to the latest European standards.

Zephir vehicles are designed to be highly customisable, with a wide range of options, such as remote controls, automatic couplers, data loggers and safety devices, among others.

With more than 3.000 vehicles in production, over 90% of which remain operational throughout the world in a variety of logistical and industrial environments and applications, ZEPHIR has unrivalled expertise in creating bespoke solutions to meet customers' specific needs and varied requirements.

Different battery choices for Zephir electric rail-road shunters

Pure lead batteries for Zephir electric rail-road and rail-rail shunters are a superior alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries. Featuring TPPL technology, these valve-regulated batteries emit very little gas thanks to their unique design.

To guarantee safety, they comply with the same standards as vented batteries. The integrated Wi-iQ® system offers precise charge management and generates useful reports.