Explore Zephir's LOKOM Electro series: the revolution in electric rail transport

Looking for environmentally-friendly rail vehicles that combine efficiency and durability?


Look no further than Zephir's latest electric rail innovation: the Electro rail/rail Series. This state-of-the-art series is equipped with electric motors, offering a cleaner, more economical solution for your rail transport needs.

LOKOM 10.90 E light

  • Towing force: up to 40 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 800 tonnes
  • Rail Rail

LOKOM 10.90 E

  • Towing force: up to 50 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 1.000 tonnes
  • Rail Rail

LOKOM 13.90 E

  • Towing force: up to 65 kN
  • Traction capacity: up to 1.300 tonnes
  • Rail Rail


Efficiency and innovation

At the heart of the design of the LOKOM Electro rail/rail series are its two electric motors, a revolutionary advance on traditional diesel engines. Each of these motors is responsible for controlling one axle and is powered by state-of-the-art 80 V batteries. This innovative propulsion system guarantees not only powerful performance, but also a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared with diesel counterparts.


The LOKOM Electro rail/rail range: the fruit of Zephir's environmental strategies

The LOKOM Electro rail/rail range is the concrete result of Zephir's environmental strategies and its commitment to designing non-polluting vehicles.

We are proud to make an active contribution to preserving the environment by offering an innovative transport solution that respects the planet.


Accessories for your electric rail system

The LOKOM Electro Series doesn't just deliver impressive performance. It also comes with a range of accessories to meet your specific needs:

  • Radio remote control, interlocking, ground operator safety remote control
  • Availability of different track gauges
  • Air conditioning inside the cab
  • Wide choice of hooks, couplers and tow bars
  • Pneumatic braking system
  • On-track short-circuit system and remote proximity sensors
  • Integrated and coupler-area video camera system
  • Arctic Pack" cold environment protection
  • High temperature Packe
  • Multi-unit configuration
  • Latest generation of engines
  • Right-hand driver's seat
  • Customised paintwork and decals
  • Extended warranty
  • Other options available On request

Explore Zephir's LOKOM Electro rail-to-rail Series today for an unrivalled electric rail-to-rail transport experience.
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