Our electric rail-road shunters: high-performance solutions with Zephir

Welcome to the page dedicated to the Zephir CRAB series, presented by Rail Route Europe.

Discover our range of CRAB models designed to meet the needs of electric rail-road shunters.

Compact, powerful and adapted to rail modes and indoor industrial environments, these machines combine versatility and robustness.

Benefit from Zephir's in-depth expertise for products that meet your needs and comply with a variety of requirements.


  • Towing force: up to 18 kN
  • Traction capacity: 360 tonnes
  • Rail Road


  • Towing force: up to 36 kN
  • Traction capacity: 730 tonnes
  • Rail Road


  • Towing force: up to 50 kN
  • Traction capacity: 1.000 tonnes
  • Rail Road


Services and offers for your electric rail-road:

Experience quality engineering, powerful capabilities, versatile applications and compact design with Zephir electric rail-road shunters.

Whatever your needs, rely on Zephir as your preferred electric rail-road shunters manufacturer to meet your requirements. Each product in the Zephir range offers different features and benefits to consider before taking action.

Ready to take the next step with our team? Contact one of the team members at Rail Route Europe to find out what best suits your needs.


Buy or lease a Zephir electric rail-road shunter?

Are you hesitating to invest in an electric rail-road shunter? Fortunately, Rail Route Europe offers a selection of electric rail-road shunters rentals to help you avoid such an investment.

Whether you need a short-term or long-term rental, our programme is suitable for those who do not need an electric rail-road shunter on a daily basis.

However, if you choose to add a Zephir product to your fleet, you can count on our team. Our mechanics and technicians are fully conversant with the Zephir electric road rail range and can offer you service and maintenance to avoid any potential disruption.

Our locations in France and Europe also stock a range of parts to optimise the performance of your equipment. Contact our experts today to find out more about our leading electric rail-road shunters manufacturers like Zephir!