Expertise and reliability

Welcome to our After-Sales Service page specialising in the maintenance of RAIL ROUTE EUROPE rail-road locotractors. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring the reliability and performance of your locotractors through premium maintenance services.

Our maintenance expertise:

We understand the crucial importance of regular maintenance to keep your rail-road locotractors running smoothly. Our highly qualified team of specialist technicians provides quality preventive and corrective maintenance services.

Services offered:

1. Preventive maintenance: We carry out regular checks and preventive interventions to prevent breakdowns and ensure optimum performance of your locotractors.

2. Corrective maintenance: In the event of a breakdown, our technicians intervene quickly with precise solutions to minimise downtime.

3. Efficient stock management: We manage a stock of strategic spare parts, guaranteeing rapid availability of the components needed for any repair.

4. Transparent communication: Our team maintains open and transparent communication with our customers. We keep you informed at every stage of the maintenance of your locotractors.


1. Technical expertise: Our qualified technicians have in-depth knowledge of rail-road locotractors, ensuring precise and efficient interventions.

2. Responsiveness: We understand the urgency of rail repairs. Our team reacts quickly to solve your problems in the shortest possible time.

3. Long-term partnership: We see our customers as long-term partners. Our aim is to build relationships based on trust and customer satisfaction.

4. Total transparency: We believe in total transparency in our communication. You will always be kept informed of the condition of your locotractors and the work carried out.

Entrust us with the maintenance of your rail road locotractors, and you can be sure of a professional and reliable service. We're here to keep your rail operations on track.

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